In Gracies we have many cats that have been abandoned, ill treated, abused, over bred and generally had a bad life.Many of the issues are due to people not being educated about cats, there is a section on the page offering advice on cat care, where to contact if you are on a low income and other vet practices which offer discounted rates. This page is to give some background the the cats we receive within Gracies, these are not always fluffy cute kittens and cats that are shown on the front page but cats with needs and issues which at Gracies we attempt to heal, the mind body and spirit. 

Heres a small selection of stories from Gracies...


1, Talulah and Kittens - These were collected by Gracies from a previous owner, via another cat rescue, We were informed that the mummy cat was in a carrier ready to go and that we would need to bring a carrier to take the kittens, these were described as 'tame house cats'. When Gracies arrived at the home the mum was out and could not be located, and the kittens were semi feral. When attempting to catch the kittens they will bite, scratch and do anything to get away as they feel they are being attacked!! after many attempts to catch the kittens that were 16 weeks old approx and many many scratches and bites we requested help from the previous owner who refused and appeared very scared by the kittens, We asked if he had any contact with the kittens as these are not tame but semi feral. He said he did not touch them, we requested a towel to use to protect hands, after over an hour catching the kittens they were safely in the carriers that Gracies had provided, but no mummy cat.


A few hours later, the cat rescue we were working with stated that the previous owner now has the mummy cat. We went to collect her and used the towel again as we were still sore from earlier in the day with the bites and scratches. Mummy was easy to catch, very scared and did lash out a few times but Gracies and this beautiful girl will become very close as she was heavily pregnant. Once home the kittens were crated to help aid their rehabilitation and four times daily they would be given food and treats along with a stroke. This is to build up slowly but surely trust, the first to come round was a beautiful back girl we named Charlie, after a week Charlie was ready to be rehomed, The next to come around was Vic, shes a beautiful black and white girl, both girls have been rehomed and are stunning and friendly cats, this is due to the adopters being picked carefully and them understanding the need for time and patience. Bat and Fink - black twins,  are up for adoption at the time of writing this note, they took approximately  six weeks to settle and allow strokes without fear.  This is with the four times daily food, treats and strokes. 

While in with the kittens and Talulah, we heard a strange noise, this was Talulah going into labour, She had been with us just over a week and was not happy. This poor girl had only had her previous kittens 16 weeks before and now shes here giving birth again, gentle strokes and words of comfort, we help Talulah give birth to four live young, sadly due to the exhaustion of giving birth again Talulah laid on one of the kittens and it passed away. She now has three back babies which are two weeks old at the time of writing this, for the last week the charity was attempting to save one of the kittens life, as we noted that there was a infection in his right eye. Straight off to the wonder vets to seek treatment, thankfully the treatment was effective and we have saved the baby boy and his eye.


Talulah is now nursing her new set of kittens which at Gracies we have assured her will be her last set, she will be neutered once her milk has dried up. we neuter all the cats that come into our charity.


Without the continued support we have from followers on out facebook page we would not be able to fund the treatments and save the cats/kittens.

cat 4.jpg

TWITCH - Fluffy ginger, and white fur baby, approximately 2-4 years old, bought into Gracies as a 'stray' from the veterinary surgery, Twitch is a long term foster within Gracies as she cannot be rehomed due to her ongoing condition of Cerebral Hypoplasia. Twitch lives a full and happy life within Gracies and is fussed by everyone who meets her, Shes a stunning cat as you can see from the picture above. Without Gracies Twitch would have been PTS as her ongoing costs are too much for some families to afford. Twitch will remain within Gracies surrounded by love until her final days.  


                         MITTENS - Approx 2.5 years old, arrived into Gracies care following a RTA, Mittens has massive head trauma, displaced retinas and a fractured jaw. Neither owner ( as separated) would take on the responsibility for Mittens, they signed Mittens over to Gracies. Mittens is also a long term foster who will spend the rest of her life being loved and cared for by Gracies. 



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