This page is to show the long term fosters within Gracies, as a charity we never put a healthy cat down. Some may have ongoing conditions, but as long as they have a pain free 'healthy' life and regular vet checks we will organise long term foster homes to keep the cats happy and healthy for the rest of their lives.



Long term foster Jessicat, Who was bought into Gracies as a feral, Jessicat was rehomed but she could not settle and was returned after being attacked, Jessicat had her front leg ripped off by a male and/or his dog, ( this was stated by the vet, we are unsure which animal caused the injury). Jessicat has struggled even more to settle due to fear of humans after this attack. The front leg was amputated this and ongoing medical care has been fully funded by Gracies. Daily living has also been funded by Gracies.


Mittens arrived after a RTA, Mittens suffered severe brain damage and permanent blindness. Mittens is 2.5 years old at the time of this writing and is a happy settled girl. free from pain but does need to be shown her bowl as she cannot see it and does need to know where the litter tray is as she is prone to accidents. mittens does have breathing difficulties and weight loss due to the damage caused but the vets are constantly checking and are happy with her progress



Twitch was born with a brain disorder Cerebral Hypoplasia. Due to this Twitch is kept in house as she cannot walk properly and cannot use a litter tray. Twitch requires constant supervision but does live a happy pain free life.  

brandy 1.jpg


Brandy was found as a skinny elderly stray last December, raiding bins because she was so hungry. A worried member of the public got her to a vet where she was assessed and checked for a chip. She weighed about 2kg, and was found a place with Gracie's. It took her a while to adjust and remember how to use a litter tray (she would toilet behind the TV and behind the sofa). Blood tests revealed she has hyperthyroidism, so she is now on thyronorm twice a day. Disruption due to covid meant it took longer than normal to adjust to the correct dose, but now she is thriving....she has a thick shiny coat, she has put on weight and enjoys sleeping the bed at night, and enjoys sitting by the window during the day. She has the occasional toilet accident, but she can't help it being a senior puss. She is a lovely, gentle girl with the most expressive eyes, and she loves a quiet cuddle on your lap. We are not sure how much time she has left, but at the moment she is responding well to medication and she is happy and loved which is the main thing.